It's me, Rebecca! While I love the title "photographer", it comes second to being a wife and mama saved by grace.

This small business operates off our small cattle ranch outside of rural Worsley Alberta. My love for story telling has evolved over the years but has been with me from a young age when I first received a camera of my own, a little point and shoot at the age of 13. Being able to freeze a moment in time through a photograph has always been something that marvels me, and just like a song, it'll take you back to the moment it happened.

The print side of this operation came to light when we bought our first few head of cattle and I was out in the field with my camera. My thought process was this: you could walk into just about any home decor store and pick up a cow print or photo of some sort, surely I could do the same. You'd know exactly who cares for that cow, and which ranch it belongs too. This idea stayed at the back of my mind as we headed into busy wedding season until I had someone reach out to me, interested in buying a print. She also expressed interested in a few other products that I could potentially offer, and that really got ideas rolling! Almost two years later I'm happy to announce the opening of Misty Mountain Images Print Shop!